The Application

Leucippus is an ImageJ plugin that is designed to analyse and extract information from TEM images for the purpose of quickly producing testable data within molecular dynamics programs.


Leucippus has the ability to quickly analyse different sets of data using multiple parameters that can be easily be set by you. Leucippus also allows you to be able to change the appearance of your data sets allowing you to differentiate between the data.

Built with ImageJ

Leucippus is implemented as an imageJ plugin capable of analysing and altering images in a non destructive way. This method of implementation allows users the full capabilites of ImageJ while using Leucippus.


Leucippus is capable of saving all data produced within itself including all output pointsets, input lines and points, and the colors and draw states associated with them. This way when loading the data into Leucippus we have the exact state that we saved it in.


As of right now a public pre-release of Leucippus is available for download at github.com/Leucipp-us/Leucippus/releases. You can also check out the code at github.com/Leucipp-us and manually compile the code in the repository.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.